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    Who can sell on Molmes?


    Who can sell on Molmes?

    Molmes is not suitable for anyone. Molmers' community is interested in buying and selling quality products that meet certain fundamental criteria based on sustainable development.

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    What do we offer you?


    What do we offer you?

    We work to improve your sales, reputation and visibility. This way, you can focus on your core business, thanks to the intuitive management of your new store Molmes.

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    How much will it cost?


    How much will it cost?

    We adjust our costs to offer you an affordable offer, without engagement and containing the maximum of functionalities. You will find it herein below with a total transparency.

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Our selection criteria

Buyers are keen to know which of these criteria do you meet.

Fair trade

This criterion aims to respond to the efforts made by your store in the following areas: adequate working conditions and wages, no child labour exploitation, gender equality, product quality...


There are many projects that can incardinated into what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): donations to a just cause, social service delivery, spread awareness onto your customers on a social need...

Social integration

Reckon with those who find it most difficult in work and social inclusion, is to recognize that we can all make our contribution. Molmes aims to give visibility to actions of this nature to show that is possible and appreciated by customers.


Customers demand ever more information on the features of the stores they go to and the products they buy. Molmes helps you present the information regarding the manufacturing process of your products, the manage and characteristics of your teams...


We support, among other actions, initiatives that seek to respect the three Rs -reduce, recycle, reuse-, that use renewable energy and/or those who avoid as maximum as possible any negative impact on animals.

Our magic potion

This is how we will help you gain value.


Your Molmes' store and its products will be fully translated by our team. You can also sell in the currency of your customers. You will always be the one to decide where to sell, and thus the degree of internationalisation which you feel most comfortable with.

More visibility

Thanks to our SEO positioning strategy, the visibility to a qualified public of your products and your store is increased. Remember, as well, that Molmes' visitors are responsible consumers and they will become your best ambassadors.

Data Analytics

We identify for you the behavior of your visitors and customers. Receive our detailed reports and discover their habits to proactively respond to their needs. This way you will keep control over your Molmes shop, seeing its progress on a monthly basis.

Fully responsive-design

Molmes' community deserves the best! Therefore we have created a platform that adapts to your computer, tablet or mobile for your, and your clients, comfort. Also, a simple and attractive design is in charge of welcoming and guiding you in the marketplace.

Secured payment

To give maximum comfort to your customers we have a complete secure payment gateway. Your customers can purchase using their credit card (Visa or MasterCard) in their currency.

One-on-one support

Our team advises and supports you in whatever you need within your Molmes' store. We offer you a fast email support as well as full articles and tutorials on our blog in order to guide you throughout your journey and make it as easy as possible.

  • VAT on your products is automatically calculated by geo-tracking, according to the law.
  • You can upload your product listing and manage your billing in just a few clicks.
  • Seize Molmes' loyalty policy.
  • We will introduce you to our community in the best way by an interview on our blog.
  • You can manage your own offers and discounts.
  • Make the most of your customers' comments in our social networks and in the marketplace itself.
  • You will choose your trustworthy carrier(s).
  • Your customers can find your products intuitively using 10 search filters.

Our offer

Monthly subscription without commitment.

Nothing & everything
Nothing to lose; everything to gain
Launch offer
  • 0% of commission on sales*.
    * For 3 months after your first sale in Molmes. Thereafter, 10%.
  • 1,8% + 0,18€ of banking fees per sale*.
    * Transaction made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) in Euros.
  • ✓ Create unlimited product listing.
  • ✓ Translation of the product listing and your Molmes’ store.
  • ✓ Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard).
  • ✓ Immediate payment in your e-wallet in every sale.
  • ✓ Email support.
  • ✓ Monitoring the implementation of the store.
  • ✓ Optimization (SEO) of your Molmes' store.
  • ✓ Optimization tips for Molmes' store.
  • ✓ Promoting your product listing on our social networks.
Do you need any other service

We are willing to offer you the best of all. Please do not hesitate to speak out your needs and we will do our best in creating new offers as much as suitable as possible with such needs.


We have all the answers to make your business a successful project.


Yes, of course. On the marketplace your customers will be able to filter those products to be picked up in your physical stores.

Both your product listing and the website itself are available in English, Spanish or French. These three languages allow a high degree of internationalisation and we will gradually add more languages. In any case don't hesitate to send us your needs.

Yes. The only restriction imposed is that prices/offers in your store should be at least equal (never below) to those displayed on Molmes.

No. Our offerings include all the costs that you will have to bear, in full transparency in order to help you make your choice.

You retain control over your current sales system. So it's you or your logistics supplier who will be in charge of sending the parcels to your customers.

Furthermore, you will customize your shipping costs in your Molmes' store for greater transparency with your customers.

When you create your Molmes' store, you will as well open an account in our payment gateway with an associated e-wallet. Such tools are compliant with all the financial and security standards requiredWhen you create your Molmes' store, you will as well open an account in our payment gateway with an associated e-wallet. Such tools are compliant with all the financial and security standards required. This will allow you to automatically and instantly receive the amount due on each transaction.

Once the 14-day term since the reception of the product and, if the client has not excercised its withdrawal rights, you can transfer the amount of your electronic wallet to the bank account of your choice.

Any questions? Please, contact us.
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To help support a sustainable consumption with your purchases, we gather in one place, the shops that create their products respecting the environment, or defending the working conditions of their staff.
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